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Professor-Silly's gameplay for Alpha Protocol (X360)

Professor-Silly played Alpha Protocol

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Professor-Silly said...
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Finally got One With The Shadows, a much tougher achievement than I had anticipated.
Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/MAY/10
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Any tips for a very hard game?
I'd say the easiest way to approach this game is to put as many skill points into stealth and pistols as you can. The former will eventually give you the ability to silence your footsteps and turn invisible, allowing you to knife-kill your opponents one after the other.
If playing stealth-style, try and take your time whenever dealing with multiple opponents--figure out what order to take them out in. Go invisible, take one out, then wait the 90 seconds for your ability to recharge.
As for pistols, the chain shot skill becomes a major boss-killer, and a high pistol rating also allows you to line up critical shots from behind cover, without sticking your head out. If you do these two skills, by the end of the game you'll be able to go invisible, walk up to your opponent, and fire five critical shots right in their face.
Okay thanks for the advice and I think I put the points in wrong skills.I'm still not good in first person shooters games because of aiming and ammo issues.I use the skills on health and Sabatuge.I'm on recruit difficulty and not sure I'm using the right build.
No sweat--playing as a recruit was a challenge, which is why I did that run set to easy. The payoff of opening veteran is well worth it, as you start with a bunch of skill points that you can assign however you want.
Any advice for me for first location?

How many missions and side missions are there?
If you aren't worried about earning the One With The Shadows achievement at this time, do the Nasri mission first. Use aggressive dialogue with the guards so that they'll let you in without a fight, and without setting off the alarms inside. Take your time and clear each room before moving on.
Also, invest money in intel before each mission--it'll give you great advantages, whether it be a sniper rifle placed in the level or making hacking easier. Reading the dossiers will give you a better idea of what gadgets to take with you--some enemies bring grenades, others are good at hand to hand. Plan accordingly.
Are you playing on easy? If you haven't made it through the game yet, I'd highly recommend playing on easy at first, in order to get a feel for the game.
When in doubt, I go to sites like x360a.org and look up strategies on their forums.
@Professor-Silly The only time I leveled up my pistol was for the achievement or when playing the Vet since it was already leveled up for me. I love using Stealth, Sabotage, and Technical Aptitude. Since Stealth makes the game easy, Technical Aptitude gives you brilliance, and then Sabotage to help with cameras and turrets.

Throw in flashbangs against most of the bosses and I walked through this game on hard. I found AP to be very very easy.
When I check my emails I see some bonus missions to do?

I don't think I put the skills in where they make my game much easier.Let me know when a good decent guide made.
There really isn't a walk through guide for this game. Also if a guide was to be written it would have to be based on achievements since there really isn't a good or bad ending.

Someone would have to write a playthrough for every style of character type and then a good or bad person point of view and a success/fail mission point of view on top of that. It would be pointless, especially since you don't really need one.

I recommend starting over and playing easy and NEVER try to balance your character. Unless you're playing Vet (which you only get after you beat recruit) do not balance your charater or you'll have a very weak character.
Should I wait for a while to play this game again for a build guide,achievement or any other type of guide?

I had problems with hacking,locking issues.
I don't think you need wait for a guide. If you have problems with hacking and locks focus skill points into Sabotage, also get some upgrades for your suit that will help with them too. If all that fails buy EMPs they will easily put an end to your troubles.
Okay thanks and doesn't matter which build I should go this time.what order of location should I go first?
Since you're having so much trouble. Start on easy and pick Field Agent. Focus all your skills like this.

Priority number 1 is Stealth.

Number 2 is Sabotage

Number 3 is Technical Aptitude

When they are full to where you can't level them anymore or for the time being put points into martial arts or the pistol. You could even but points into toughness if you want the Iron Will skill.

Now as for which order? Doesn't really matter.

How I like to play is Saudi Arabia, Rome, Moscow, and Taiwan.

But that’s really up to you.

There are so many paths to try, that any path is the correct path. Even if you mess up on a level and the outcome is not what you wanted the game still moves forward and changes enough to be very entertaining.
Odium has some great suggestions. My first build was a disaster, so I started over and built a Recruit (on easy) that was a slightly modified Field Agent--worked so much better.
I later tried a Veteran build with shotguns and SMG's as primary skills--didn't work at all. This game can be very unforgiving with custom builds. I think the set classes speak to the main styles of play: Field Agent/Spy is for those players that enjoyed Batman: Arkham Asylum or Assassin's Creed, Soldier is for the more run-and-gun types, and Engineer...well, that just seems like a huge challenge to me.
Odium's suggestion of mixing stealth with engineering traits is a very solid one.
I made a good field agent with better skills like Stealth level 4.Sabtoge level 4 and Technical Aptitube up to level 2.Not sure this is good to survive the rest of the game.

How many missions are there in total including side missions?
It's a good start. The max level in this game is 20 so keep placing skills into said areas or you'll mess up your character.

As for mission it's like 3 or 5 mission depending on the area. As for side missions there really isn't any. Most of the side quests are Intel you buy that you will do during a normal mission.
Which mission should I do first in Suudi Arabia?

Not sure which one of first three mission are the main mission.
I like doing Nasri's mission first. You can mess up here and nothing will happen to the story. Also a good start for figuring out how to play stealth missions. Since you don't have any of the really good skills yet.
I don't see it.AirfieldWeapon stockpile orArms Dealers are my only choices of missions.
Not to be mean but the mission name is "Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer" So pick Nasri's mission.
Any advice like how to aim better in this next mission?

I still have two mission left.
Here read this. This is my beginner run through that I have given to several people. I won't write anymore in my walkthrough but this will help you figure out how to play the rest of the game.

Okay thanks and I got one achievement for the game.
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